Friday, February 03, 2012

Poem: Made for Love

I am what I am. Love it or move around. Thick curvy, luscious
and beautiful.
Stacked with personality, humor and style. Not defined by what's popular,
or what's hot. I am what I am, what you see is what you could have...
if you can handle it all.
Not a 8 in the waist, no ass for days, but breast for years and legs for a lifetime.
5 feet and 7 inches of pure golden brown goddess topped with curly locs
to bless your hands with each touch.
I don't mind. I like how it feels. I encourage you to explore.
Feet you dream about, toes that taste like sweet pieces of the
 rainbow you'll acquire.
Only...Slowly...One. By. One.

That's how I'm made.

I'm a giving, loving soul. You get more that what you see,
so don't you dare box I restore your faith in eternity,
redefining your idea of a new destiny. With me.
I'm not for everybody, I get that and not trying to be.
I am honest. I am open. I tell you what is my head and heart.
Secure in us, never doubting our bond.
Dedicated through the valleys, tried and true. Rolling with you
every step, every bump and hump. I got you.
Perfected kisses with supple lips and an imaginative tongue,
that reciprocates every motion so sensually and intricately.

That's how I love.

Shanda Webb

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