Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ahh! I'm baaaack! First post of 2013!

Yes, I had to take a break. I needed to do some introspection on what I want my blog to be and where I want it to go. I'm definitely going to be switching up some things this year. I guess you have to wait and see!

February is here and I'm ecstatic! If you don't know...February is my birthday month and I'm turned up 5 days in. The Super Bowl is behind us, and now NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Mardi Gras is coming up...Then my birthday on the 24th! Ask me what I'm doing for my birthday and I can't even tell you lol. I'm working on it. Anyway--I'm partying all month long, yep I'm the person who does that :-). Birthday's are a blessing. You only get one a year, sooooo why not? I take nothing in this life for granted, so let the party commence!

What I'm Up To:
I'm super excited to be collaborating with my dear friend and fellow blogger Ahshia Berry of "From A_to_B", on a new, lifestyle and travel blog called, "The Adventures of the Bayou Belles". We're still on the behind the scenes grind to get it up and ready but in the meantime, you may follow us on Twitter at @thebayoubelles. More details to follow!

My 2013 getting off to an awesome start. I anticipate wonderful things happening this year. Life is grand.

Tell me, honestly, how is your 2013 so far? Are your still on track with your goals or resolutions? Are you ready to throw the towel in? Start over? Whatever the case may be, leave a comment and let me know!

Peace and blessings,

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  1. Same as 2012, to be honest...but that's going to change soon enough - even if I have to force the issue.