Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lusting to Wander

Can I go on a cross country road trip?
Can I just leave all my cares behind?
Can I just pack a bag, and book a flight to ______ ?
Can I be on some Kindred and the Family Soul shit, and go far way from here?
Can I just be on some Eat. Love. Pray shit and sit on a rock in Bali and meditate?
Can I run like Forest Gump until I don't wanna run no more?
Can I just be a gypsy and go wherever the wind takes me? 
Can I just pick a random island and live there?
Can I take my ass to bed...on the beach?
Can I just be FREE?

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I crave new sights, sounds, scenery. I crave cultures. I crave new people. I crave new...everything.
I, am a Wanderlust. One day, some how, I will see the world.

Love & Light,

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