Monday, August 30, 2010

Where You Been???

*Slaps own wrist* Shame on me, shame on me for not updating my blog in a timely matter. But in my own defense lol, I have been a little under the weather...sort of. I had to be hospitalized briefly in a matter of two weeks...yes, crazy I know. It's a long story of what and how. Briefly: I have uterine fibroids and I've been having complications as a result. 

In other news! I also forgot to update on my new style. ***Slaps wrist again***I cut my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN. WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Yes, I BIG CHOPPED. Well it was more of just a chop, because I've been natural for almost 6 years (October 1st is my napptural anniversary btw). I have a little TWA and it's sooo cute! I've gotten soooo many compliments from co-workers, I was actually taken by surprise by all the compliments I received. Seems like each time I chop, it gets better and better...who knew? Anyway--I love it! It's chic and fly, and most importantly, EASY! Just wet it.....gel it....and GO! Literally in that order. It's been 8 days since I cut it and I can't stop looking at my crop (sort of)...Pics are coming I swear!

Let's see what else....Oh My Latest Obsessions:
  • Oh I am eating healthier and taking my vitamins (YAY ME!) Salad: My new BFF.
  • I purchased Leela James latest cd and Drake's cd (finally)...Both are good, but I haven't listened to all of Leela's cd yet. So far it's cool.
  • Jersey Shore has become a guilty pleasure *looks down in shame*.....Sam and Ronnie aka Ike and Tina are getting on my last nerve!
  • Still a Big Brother junkie. That will never change.
  • Another guilty pleasure: Ochocinco's Ultimate Catch UGH! I hate the fact that these bimbo, fluzy looking women are competing for a self-indulged athelete...It's so shallow. But I continue to watch....Why? I don't know....Moving on......
  • I do like the T.O. Show however. He is so comical to me. Kita and Mo are a trip too. I like watching the three of them interact with each other, like a dysfunctional family LOL!
  • Been tweeting a little more than usual here and there. Still not a Twitter addict though, which is a good thing.
Well that's it for now...I have to do better at updating my blog on a more consistent basis. I will be back back sooner than later!

Shan TheNaturalistGlam

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