Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am a bit emo right now. The distance has become too much for me to handle. I never wanted this, it just crept upon me like a thief in the night. The disappointment and the lack of gratification has pushed me to the far that I cannot bear it anymore. I'm tired of  the let downs, therefore I'm DONE.

Once I have consciously made that decision, and I have put my mind to it, it is just a matter of time. It may take a minute before I become completely detached. It won't happen overnight...but know the process IS underway. I have an action plan in the works to get to that place. The plan is to simply replace thoughts of him with thoughts and actions of self-betterment. Working with my transformational life coach has allowed me to re-think the way I feel about bad situations and re-think the way I see myself in this world. I definitely have a vehicle to replace old thinking with new thinking. It is all about creating healthy NEW HABITS.

I'm okay, no I'm better than okay--I'm great and on my way to becoming GREATER! (That is all)


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