Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Tortured Soul

Amy Winehouse's Death, Stars React

Rest in Peace Amy. Although I knew very little about you and didn't listen to much of your music, I'm still sad that you didn't have the opportunity to heal. I'm sad you didn't have the chance to live a happier, peaceful and sober life. You were very talented and I believe that you had so much more to offer to the world at such a young age. I hope that your death will be a wake up call to those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. 
Life is very, VERY short. Internal pain, sadness, insecurities and conflict shouldn't not consume anyone to the point of abuse, in order to cope. Whatever Amy had going on inside, killed her. Not the drugs, not the alcohol. Those were just mediums to push past the pain and hurt. I honestly hope that she truly resting in peace. It's not just a tagline. Seems like Amy struggled for it here on earth, but she doesn't have to do that anymore.

Peace & Love,

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